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Julie Vallone's portfolio encompasses a wide range of industries and projects, from business and technical Web content to travel and hospitality articles. Here are just a few samples. (Many more are available in print, by request.)

Business/Technical Articles

Receipt System Offers More Nutrition Info
Investor's Business Daily

Tech Toys Entertaining, Educational
Investor's Business Daily

As Tech Gadgets Proliferate, There's Nowhere to Hide
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Investor's Business Daily

Photo Blogs Click with More People Worldwide
Investor's Business Daily

Tech, Finance Firms Focus on Aging Boomer Market
Investor's Business Daily

Interference, Cost Issues Power Broadband over PowerLine Debate
Investor's Business Daily

Phone Camera Use No Longer a Snap
Investor's Business Daily

Business Is BOOOOOOOming
South Bay Accent Magazine

Hooked on Speed
Entrepreneur's Business Start-Ups

Going Once, Going Twice
Entrepreneur Magazine (Cover Story)

E-Learning: A Primer
Cisco's Small Business Web site

CRM: The Customer is King
Intraware's Enterprise IT Web Site

XML: An Introduction
Intraware's Enterprise IT Web Site



Web Content

InterSAN "About" Page
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Panoptx Homepage

Coastal Community Preschool Homepage

Buffalo Bill's Brewery

Intraware E-learning Promo

Print Collateral
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Sonya Paz Art Puzzle Package

Bella Vista Restaurant Ad

Cabovillas.com Spa Release

California Healthy Book Release

Coastal Community Preschool Brochure

ElectricVillage (OnRadio)
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ElectricVillage (OnRadio) Site Template
Catalog Copy

Vespa Scooters Press Release

Lifestyle/Travel Articles

Zen and the Art of Spa
South Bay Accent Magazine

Going Native in Mongolia






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