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E-Learning: The Big Picture

By Julie Vallone

April 26, 2000

When it comes to answering the training needs of today's enterprises, good e-learning courseware is not enough. While students may happily go about completing their web-based training, IT managers have difficulty determining whether the courses taken are truly effective at improving staff skill sets, and are in sync with the most critical company objectives. This information is sorely needed to justify spending on e-learning initiatives, and to avoid wasting money on ineffective or inappropriate training programs.

In a recent International Data Corporation survey of training professionals and IT managers, nearly 100 percent said they would recommend the use of e-learning systems. However, respondents identified a number of e-learning hurdles, including an inability to monitor web-based training programs and track their use and effectiveness. Analysts have predicted that e-learning software will eventually come equipped with tools to overcome these problems.

The wait is over. Intraware has answered the call with a comprehensive new e-learning solution that helps managers assess their staffing and training requirements, manage course offerings, and gauge student progress. Not only does it allow managers to zero in on the most pressing training needs, but it can also help enterprises attract and retain qualified professionals.

"One of our primary challenges as a company is obtaining the right people and then keeping them," says Andrew Holland, president of Interactive Media Group. "Initially, Intraware E-Learning could be very useful for screening potential employees and validating the skill sets of new employees. Later, once we have people on board, Intraware's E-Learning solution could help us retain employees by giving us the opportunity to invest in them, and provide them with a career path."

The Intraware E-LearningTM solution includes two important components: the IT Skills Management System and the Learning Management System. Each addresses different facets of an enterprise's training needs:

  • Intraware IT Skills Management SystemTM allows IT professionals and managers to assess employees' technical skills, identify skills gaps, and produce a training recommendation based on that information. Managers can also access reports that gauge the effect of skills gaps on an organization's performance, and determine how many employees need training by evaluating each on a skill-by-skill basis.
  • Intraware Learning Management SystemTM makes administration of training programs easier than ever with its centralized, web-based resource for accessing courses and tracking progress. Managers log on to an administrator interface where they can post information, view transcripts and progress reports, and notify students of any changes in assignments. Students can access a student interface to find their assignments, launch the appropriate courses, and view transcripts and test scores.

The new features are integrated with Intraware's already rich selection of e-learning offerings, including more than 1000 high quality technical courses, and a knowledge base of training articles, papers, and evaluation tools. The Intraware E-Learning solution now provides a full suite of tools for researching, evaluating, purchasing, and updating e-learning technology. With this comprehensive solution, managers can maximize training investments, and pinpoint exactly what is needed to build a stronger enterprise.

Intraware E-Learning Special Offer: Purchase Intraware IT Skills Management and Learning Management Systems for a bundled price of $250 per user per year that is a savings of $100 per user off the list price of the individual components.




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